“Benji was extremely professional and liaised with me several times throughout to make sure I was happy with the final layout and style. He’s also a brilliant designer – I’m delighted with my new site!”

Nivene Raafat BA MA MCIL CL, Translator

“Benji absolutely met this remit from the off by creating a site that does exactly what I want it to. He is great to work with: generous with his creativity and vision; patient and efficient in responding to my ideas and amends; thoughtful and considered, with a keen eye for detail. Benji created my site quickly and, as he fulfilled the brief so accurately, the whole process has been smooth and cost-effective.”

Sharon Duggal, Author

“I am so pleased by my new website. This is the second time Benji has designed and created a website for me, and I am once again blown away by the way he is able to bring my vague aesthetic ideas to life in a way I could never have imagined. ”

Lou Cope, Founder, Cope & Co

“I will certainly be using Anker Design again, they offer fantastic design work, quick turnaround times and all at a great price. Would highly recommend.”

Paul Reid, Co-Director, New Forest Clothing

“I highly recommend Benji to anyone who wants a professionally made website. I’m so happy with the service I received, he completely understood what I wanted and was super fast and easy to work with.”

Charlie Tothill, Photographer

“He was very quick to respond to alterations that I wanted during the web design process – and patient with my lack of tech knowledge. And he came up with lots of new solutions to make it all work brilliantly.
The new site has only been up a few days and already I’ve had enquiries. Great!”

Jamie Greenland, Urban Jungles

“He provided a thorough creative design process that truly captured the essence of who I am as a cross-genre dance artist and was adaptable to my project needs along the way!”

Katie Dale-Everett, Dance Artist

“…he has delivered a top quality site, that looks beautiful, works smoothly and is easy to navigate – and the stats prove it – we had 3000 hits in our first month!”

Madeleine Wilson, South East Dance

“Somehow it feels like Benji managed to reach into my soul, root around in my history and personal aesthetics, and create something that profoundly, efficiently, beautifully and cleverly summed up what we were trying to create.”

Lou Cope, Dramaturg in Residence, South East Dance

“Benji is an inspirational designer whose creativity knows no bounds. On top of that he is flexible, efficient, and professional plus he also cares about delivering results. He’s always a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services”

Katy White, South East Dance

“Not only am I really happy with the result I also really enjoyed working with Benji on it. We had a natural rapport straight away, his artistic vision and mine jelled and before we knew it we where both getting really excited about all the things that could be done.
What was really nice was not only does Benji have the vision he also has the skill sets to make any ideas come alive. He is equally at home with handcrafted or computer constructed and is able to mix media so that in the end he will be able to make your dreamed up album cover come to life.”

Jim Tarran, Musician

“Both highly skilled designer, and talented artist in his own right, Benji has an uncanny ability to get right the heart of any design brief or creative project with great skill, insight, and intuition. Every detail is shot through with consistency and care, and, as with the end results, is inspiring, and fascinating to work with.” *****

Conrad Westmaas, Archnid Company